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ARRO Crushing

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Comprehensive on-site solutions

Our fleet of mobile crushing equipment eliminates the logistical complexities and costs associated with transporting large volumes of material. We bring the processing power directly to your project site, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

ARRO Crushing embraces sustainable practices. We specialize in transforming concrete and asphalt waste into high-quality recycled aggregates. This reduces your environmental impact by diverting materials from landfills and provides cost-effective alternatives for new construction projects.

Do you require crushed limestone for your project? Our mobile crushers can process limestone to your exact specifications on-site, eliminating the need for off-site processing and transportation delays.

We understand the unique requirements of each project. ARRO Crushing offers a consultative approach to tailor our crushing solutions to your specific needs, ensuring the appropriate size, volume, and material type are achieved.

ARRO Crushing is your number one resource for custom onsite aggregate crushing, recycling, and more. With our mobile crushing plants, we offer you the best solutions right at your demolition site, asphalt plant, concrete plant, recycle yard, or quarry. Don’t waste time and money on hauling bulky materials – let us bring the crushing power directly to you! At ARRO Crushing, our main goal is to Keep Crushing It! We’re passionate about providing efficient and environmentally friendly crushing and recycling solutions, transforming construction and demolition waste into valuable recycled materials.

ARRO Crushing

Explore Our Crushing Capabilities

We offer flexible quoting options to ensure our crushing services perfectly align with your project needs. 


ARRO crushes limestone to your specs on-site. Skip transport delays, keep projects flowing.


Concrete crushing to your specs, wherever you need it. Less waiting, projects keep moving


Asphalt crushing to your specs, on-demand. Cuts wait times, keeps paving smooth.

Tailored Crushing

Crush any material on-site. Your specs, fast turnaround, keeps projects rolling.

ARRO Crushing

Explore Our Crushing Quoting Options

To provide our customers with tailored crushing, we offer a variety of quoting formats that work for them.

Per Tonne Quote

Our most popular bid format is by the tonne. No matter the size of your load, we’ll crush it by the tonne!

Per Cubic Meter

Although quoting based on tonnes is our most common quoting format, we also offer quotes based on cubic meters!

Long-Term Recurring Contracts

For our high-demand clients, we offer long-term recurring contracts that offer price structuring based on length of contract and volumes.

Lump Sum Contract

We’ll bring your job from start to finish all at one agreed-upon price instead of bidding on individual tasks or pricing based on weight and amount.

Aggregate Recycling Depot

For our aggregate recycling services, we provide extended recurring contracts with pricing based on contract duration and volume quantities.

ARRO Crushing

Explore Our Services

Mobile Crushing

We offer onsite crushing services to take care of recycled concrete, asphalt, or natural stones like limestone and bring them to your desired dimensions.

Crushing, Screening, and Recycling Services.
Flexible Crushing Solutions - On-site Processing.

Aggregate Recycling Depot

Recycling concrete and asphalt breathes new life into these otherwise unsustainable building materials. Explore how ARRO Crushing can handle your unwanted concrete and asphalt.

Aggregate Resale

Don’t let unwanted material take up space at your site. We will work with you to resell the crushed material that you do not have a use for.

Equipment Rentals

We have the equipment and machines you need to finish your job. We offer customized rental plans that fit short-term, long-term, and reoccurring jobs. Operator included.

Join The ARRO Crushing Team

ARRO Crushing is always on the lookout for eager talent to join our ranks of crushing professionals. If you think you have what it takes, then apply today!
Complete Job Site Safety - Top Priority for Workers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In general if you have less then 3,000 tons of rubble it will be more cost effective to truck the rubble off site. A couple factors to take in account, do you need the material onsite? How far do you have to truck the rubble to dispose of it? These factors can make crushing on-site more or less cost effective
Yes our Impact crushers are capable of crushing rebar, the crusher has a magnet separator that removes 99% of the rebar and wire from the finished product.
We cover a 3 hour radius of Kitchener Ontario, and will travel further upon specific request if it logistically makes sense for the customer.

ARRO Crushing

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