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Arro Crushing is a leader in mobile crushing and screening in London and across Southern Ontario and has been transforming the aggregate crushing and screening industry. With modern mobile equipment, we can handle crushing, screening, and concrete and asphalt recycling right on-site to deliver a flexible and efficient solution on any job site, no matter the size or setup. With a full suite of services from recycling to resale, Arro Crushing takes away the stress of handling and managing leftover materials. Sustainable processes, complete job site safety and customer satisfaction are at the height of our priorities.

Crushing, Screening, and Recycling Services.

Concrete Crushing in London

London's Crushing Experts

Our mobile crushing service caters to a range of projects, big and small. With top-notch equipment, we excel in processing various materials, ensuring precise results every time.

Material Versatility

We handle concrete, asphalt, sand, gravel, and limestone, offering crushing and screening to various specifications, and we are especially adept with rebar-laden concrete.
Flexible Crushing Solutions - On-site Processing.
Efficient Crushing for Any Project Size.

On-site Efficiency

Our compact yet productive equipment is perfect for tight spaces, offering efficient crushing solutions even in challenging environments.

Support Equipment

Equipped with excavators, hammers, and pulverizers, we’re prepared for any crushing scenario, enhancing our service’s effectiveness.

Mobile Screening London

Screening Solutions

Our mobile screening service is tailored for quick and efficient processing of materials like sand, gravel, and topsoil, perfect for tight sites and urgent projects.

Site Adaptability

We specialize in handling challenging sites and materials, ensuring optimal results regardless of the project’s nature or size.
Complete Material Management - Recycling to Resale.
Limestone Crushing Company Serving Ontario

Deadline Management

Our expertise in managing tight deadlines sets us apart, ensuring your project stays on track with reliable screening.

Project Flexibility

No project is too small or too large. We adapt our screening services to your specific needs, ensuring efficiency and quality.
Stress-Free Material Handling - We Take Care of It All.

Aggregate Resale London

Aggregate For Sale

We offer comprehensive aggregate resale services. If you’re overwhelmed with crushed materials, our resale options provide an efficient solution.

Material Resale

We efficiently handle the resale of aggregates, connecting you with a wide network of buyers and easing the burden of excess materials.
Sustainable Crushing Processes - Environmental Responsibility.
Complete Job Site Safety - Top Priority for Workers.

Material Acquisition

Not only do we help sell aggregates, but we also purchase and remove excess crushed materials from sites, providing a full-circle service.

No Depot Operations

We focus on site-specific resale without the complexities of running an aggregate depot, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.
Satisfied Customers - Our Commitment to Your Success.

Concrete and Asphalt Recycling in London

Sustainable Solutions

Specialized in recycling concrete and asphalt, our process includes meticulous preparation and crushing, producing high-quality aggregates.

Concrete Recycling

Our process involves breaking down concrete, sorting rebar, and crushing to desired sizes, ensuring a clean and usable product.
mobile crushing services
recycling aggregates Ontario

Asphalt Reprocessing

We recycle aged asphalt into quality materials for new mixes or cost-effective paving solutions, reducing reliance on virgin aggregates.

Metal Salvage

Recycling also yields scrap metal, which we refine for reuse, contributing to sustainable steel production.
Complete Material Management - Recycling to Resale.

Crushing and Screening Equipment Rentals in London

Equipment Rental in London

Offering equipment rentals with skilled operators and fuel for a variety of needs, from oversized rock handling to yard cleanups.

Flexible Rentals

Catering to both short-term and long-term rental needs with a range of excavators and attachments suited for diverse projects.

Specialized Equipment

Our fleet includes machines with multiple attachments, ready for tasks like rock handling or concrete removal.

Repeated Rentals

We provide reliable equipment for recurring rental needs, ensuring consistency and efficiency for ongoing projects.

Mobile Crushing & Screening in London

Crushing With Care

Equipment Quality

At Arro Crushing, we maintain high standards for our equipment. This ensures uninterrupted service and superior quality outputs, which are crucial for our client’s satisfaction.

Efficient Service

Our focus on efficiency is unmatched. We ensure clear communication and rapid response to client needs, from initial contact to project completion.

Specialized Focus

We concentrate on custom crushing and screening, honing our skills to offer the best solutions in the industry for your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Mobile crushing and screening involves the use of portable equipment to crush and screen various types of materials, such as rocks, minerals, construction waste, recycled concrete, asphalt, etc. at different locations.
Yes, environmental factors are a top priority in all of our processes. All of our mobile crushing and screening operations employ dust suppression techniques and adhere to local regulations to minimize the impact on the environment.

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